About the MBA

A master’s degree in business administration, more commonly referred to as an MBA, is an advanced academic degree recognized around the world for its value. The degree gained prominence in the United States after WWII, spurred by the global strength of US corporations and growing academic interest in scientific approaches to management. While generally providing a holistic management foundation covering all the core business areas of accounting, finance, marketing, and operational management, many MBA programs also offer concentrations or specializations that allow students to dive deeper into a specific functional area. Today, most MBA programs also offer courses in leadership, communication and international business, recognizing that their graduates will be stepping into leadership roles that demand this training.

Why MBA?

Simply put, an MBA degree is your key to unlocking greater business and leadership potential. Today, MBA degrees are available to qualified professionals in a variety of program formats, and offered by numerous educational institutions across the country—including many in your metro area.


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