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MetroMBA has exclusively partnered with Veritas Prep to provide MBA admissions consulting services to our readers. Veritas Prep has a highly accomplished and diverse MBA admissions team that has helped applicants get into a wide-range of MBA programs around the world.

Getting into business school requires standing out from the pack, yet it also requires demonstrating fit with each or your target MBA programs. Only Veritas Prep gives you two different types of admissions experts both of whom work with you when you enroll in any Veritas Prep Comprehensive School Package.

Veritas Prep Helps You Stand Out

Your Veritas Prep Head Consultant has insider experience at a top-tier business school, and has evaluated thousands of applications. Given their experience, they can tell you with authority what even the most discerning admissions officer seeks in a candidate, and work with you to make sure that you present your candidacy in the most compelling and memorable way possible.

Veritas Prep Helps You Demonstrate Fit

You need to demonstrate that your personality, abilities, priorities, and career goals fit with what your target MBA program, and our School Specialists are equipped to help you do just that. Each School Specialist who works with you has attended the program to which you are applying, and will ensure that your applications are perfectly tailored to each school.

Multiple Ways to Work with Veritas Prep

The most popular way for clients to work with Veritas Prep is the School Package. When you enroll in a School Package, you aren’t paying for hours— your consultant will work with you until each of your applications is completed. Your Head Consultant will work with you on every aspect of your application, and for each school you apply to, a School Specialist who’s attended that school will also work with you. You will leave nothing to chance.

After a client finishes working with Veritas Prep, they complete a detailed evaluation of their experience and the overwhelming majority of clients give Veritas Prep perfect 5-star scores.

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Free MBA Admissions Workshop

Learn more about the MBA admissions process by attending Veritas Prep’s free online MBA admissions workshop.  Workshops are held the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month and cover the following topics:

How you stack up against other applicants

The 3 ways admissions officers will evaluate you

The 4 Dimensions of a Perfect Applicant

Biggest mistakes MBA applicants make

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Register for a GMAT Prep Course and MBA Admissions Consulting for Significant Savings

Only at Veritas Prep can you combine GMAT prep with the world’s most experienced team of admissions consultants to maximize your chances of acceptance.  Plus, you’ll save a ton of money! Choose from their popular bundles, or build your own customized bundle to perfectly meet your needs and budget.


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