The MetroMBA Specialized Master’s Program Guide

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For aspiring professionals, the task of enrolling in business school opens a wealth of opportunities. Beyond traditional MBA programs, business school hopefuls continue to look for specialized master's programs that suit their career ambitions and unique talents. And with an increasing number of options worldwide, there's no better time than now to find the master's program that fits your needs.

Specialized master's programs are typically shorter and less costly than most traditional MBA programs, allowing potential students to start a career sooner without managing as many expenses. As well, for those who have a specified career in mind, focusing solely on the type of industry you aspire to join is more readily accessible through a specialized degree. For more information on the individual program opportunities, check out MetroMBA's various Specialized Master's Program Guides below.

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The Master's in Finance degree dives into both fundamental and advanced subjects in finance, including finance theory, mathematics, accounting, modeling, pricing theory, and computational methods, with a goal of helping students tackle the multi-faceted challenges that they’ll soon face.

Those with hopes of well-deserved compensation would do well to pursue a Master's in Finance, one of the most statistically lucrative degrees in the world.

Big business means big data, and few career professionals are more qualified and prepared to understand the demands of big data than those with an expertise in business analytics.

A Master's in Business Analytics prepares students for an increasingly complex business world, developing forward-thinking technical skills to better understand elements of programming language, statistics, and machine learning, and more.

As businesses continue to grow on a global scale, professionals with a specialized understanding of international finance, politics, culture, and languages are becoming more essential.

A Master's in International Management offers an opportunity beyond the traditional confines of a formal Master's in Management program, expanding career possibilities beyond traditional education.

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